September mourning show review!


A Trance Experience: The lights went dim on stage at Stage West in Scranton, PA last night and the silhouettes of Los Angeles group, September Mourning entered the stage. The lights remained dimmed for a majority of the performance to give the look and feel of a trance. Blue harsh illuminating LEDs revvedd up as September Mourning hit the first symbol of their first song of the set. The small crowd around 50 people drew closer to watch this captivating band.

The band prior had a brief meet and greet session at a nearby comic book store (COMICS ON THE GREEN) to promote their past, present and upcoming pre-order release of their graphic novel series. The band surprised fans by giving them a three song acoustic performance up close and personal to a limited number of fans and comic book lovers. One fan came up from Maryland just to meet them for the first time. Another came as far as the southern Philly area just to experience them live.

The band as well as a few fans were disappointed as the band stated to the crowd at the beginning of the meet and greet that their animated graphics and lighting show was not going to happen as the bands computer (which runs all their graphics and lighting show) was broken. Fans regardless still trickled a few blocks away to still come out and support the bands electric normal set. This acoustic performance was a rare sight even the band admitted it was definitely a rough one but jokingly mentioned “but hey we’re still professionals and the show must go on,” said lead vocalist Emily Lazar aka September.

September went around the room and asked fans if they preferred DC or Marvel Comics. Everyone in the audience was either bashful to admit one or the other so 50% of the audience said both. Even one fan at the end of the line said "Umm about 75% DC and 25% Marvel?" the band laughed in unison and went on to playing another song.

The band also answered any fan questions between the songs but mostly spent the time explaining the meaning behind each song prior to taking it away. The fans and the new ones in attendance were pleased to have their photograph taken by the band in front of goofy cut-outs of well known super heroes ranging from Batman to Iron Man. It was a pleasure to see the artist interact with the fans in no rush. Sure the band was hungry but the bands stomachs were just fine waiting until they interacted with each fan. That’s always the worse, right? You get off work, rush to a special meet & greet and a bossy tour manager kicks you outta your way to rush the band off to their next scheduled venture... but nope, the fans appreciated they got a few minutes even one-on-one with September and the rest of the what they call the reapers. A fan asked September how long it takes her to get in costume and make up. She replied "three hours from head to toe!"

The band had a very impressive variety of Merch available at their show. They had lithographs available featured from their graphic novels as well as the typical shirts, cds, posters, to hoodies. As the show continued fans did the typical head banging, arm swaying along with September and pulled out their phones during the last song to capture the memories for the ‘gram’ to hopefully tell their friends about this band.

September Mourning’s September did an interview with Vinnie on Monday and that is available on iTunes, TuneIn, GooglePlay and now Spotify (see link below!) Be sure to learn more about the bands history in this fun interview.

Be sure to scroll down for the Photo Gallery below from the Meet & Greet! Where you there too?!

Be sure to check out Comics on The Green next time you’re in the Scranton, PA area to pick up a Stan Lee favorite or Star Wars or whatever you may fancy:

Plus be sure to go follow September Mourning on their socials to find out where you can see them at a show near you:

September Mourning performing live March 6th, 2019 at the Stage West in Scranton, PA. Photo by Vinnie Langdon III.