A Note from Vinnie


I just was reminded that the 1st Episode of The Vinnie Langdon Show HD premiered on September 11th, 2004 on Vacaville Community TV! I wanted to be an Actor and move to Hollywood however my plans changed when I fell in love with picking up a Hi-8 Cassette Camcorder that my Grandfather let me borrow. I began filming community events and interviewing celebrities, actors and eventually that landed me to interview rock bands. This prepared me for jobs down the line and great opportunities from working with American Idol, The Voice, some of my favorite bands, the Vans Warped Tour, Rockstar Taste of Chaos Tour and been able to meet such cool people along the way! Then it gained me the confidence to act in TV Commercials, Television Shows, appear in Feature Films and even gave me the creative mind set and skills to direct my own films too. Just wanted to give a quick shoutout to all of those who have supported me and continue supporting Me! Toast to another 13 years!

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