Frankie Z – “Don’t Come Rainin'”

If you ever hung out and listened to music with me, you probably know that I am a fan of 1950s Doo-Wop artists like Little Richard, The Duprees, Ritchie Valens, The Chords, Bo Didley and more. I wish sometimes that I grew up in the 1950s to go see some of those artists live and experience the music scene of that generation. However more than 60 years why are these songs still around or accessible? Because they are great with meaningful lyrics, fun to dance to, big band music arrangements and just something that America didn’t have at the time and it’s even a plus to know that our Grandparents probably danced at least once to one of those artists I mentioned above during there early days.

Sadly there aren’t that many artists who can implement or mimic the authentic style what we had in the 1950s. Vintage RCA Microphones don’t exist, the analog way of recording techniques are long dying out but that shouldn’t stop young artists to replicate something new right?

Well that is what Staten Island native Frankie Z is doing with a twist. So you’re like me, you dig the 1950s beats and the modern Pop tunes on the radio today? Well then, Frankie Z is on the right track with combining those influences all together.

This Singer/Songwriter with an intense background in dancing and a dance instructor Frankie Z is bringing a unique flare to our attention!

He already has an impressive resume from opening for acts like Beiber, Selena Gomez, Jason DeRulo and Westlife. He’s toured internationally to parts of China, Europe and the U.S.

Back a few years ago if the name “Frankie Z” sounds familiar you probably seen him on The CW show, ‘The Next.’ He was the one mentored by Joe Jonas.

Recently he dropped a music video for his song “Don’t Come Rainin’” which gives you a sense from a Grease feel but keep watching the music video and it will impress you with all the self-choreographing straight from Frankie Z and his students. Check it out below:

For more information on Frankie Z, tour dates, his social media links you can access:

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