Kevin Lyman Chats Vans Warped Tour 2017

VINNIE: It’s crazy to believe I have been attending VWT since 2007 (not missing a year since then) getting coverage for episodes of The Vinnie Langdon Show! For those who don’t know, Kevin Lyman is the tours founder and today I am talking with him regarding the 2017 Vans Warped Tour. Kevin, what’s NEW for the 2017 Vans Warped Tour?
KEVIN:  Not sure if there is a whole lot new of course a lot of new bands, but we will also have some pretty awesome speakers and poets at select dates.   
VINNIE: Very cool! In Recent years we have seen the expansion of TEI Workshops out at Warped which gives festival goers the unique opportunity to sit down with some of their favorite artists or people in the music industry to hear stories and ask questions personally. To purchase tickets in addition to a general admission ticket visit: warpedtour//. This year it seems like more and more artists are getting onboard with it and they don’t mind it. From Hawthorne Heights to Silent Planet to Lisa Johnson (Lisa Johnson Photography) to Ash Costello and beyond are involved for this summer. How does it feel for TEI Workshops to keep growing?
KEVIN: I have liked the idea of TEI in that it challenges the guru’s to come up with a curriculum for there talks.. I think it is a better way to interact with your fans than just a straight VIP.  I know they guru’s put a lot of thought into what they will be doing and get a lot out personally. 
VINNIE: One thing I suggest for those who plan on going to Warped this summer is to make some time in your day to stop by those non-profit tents. I know over the years not only did I get educated on some but I also collected pretty cool souvenirs over the years ranging from posters to water bottles to autograph CDs just for stopping by and saying Hello to some of them. Some fans may be focused on seeing their favorite bands but these non-profits are also worth checking out. Is their one particular non-profit you strongly stand behind that has had a personal affect on You that people may not know about?
KEVIN: Absolutely, I know Warped is about fun and music but there are so many ways to get involved in your community to do something good for someone else as well as yourself.  I really have been stressing that as individuals we all need to stand for something, I think these organizations are all important.  Some may have opposing views but that’s what it is all about, making your own educated decisions.  I believe Warped stands for 3 things Music, Philanthropy and Education.
VINNIE: Do ALL of the bands who play on Warped Tour get paid?  
KEVIN:  The only band each day that won’t get paid is the winner of the Ernie ball contest or a local battle of the bands. They do get to keep all their merchandise money and get food.
VINNIE: Some fans in Canada have shared on social media, their thoughts on how bummed they are that Warped is not coming to Canada this summer. However there are opportunities where they can come down to a nearby U.S. city and enjoy the shows, right? On they can learn more about those packages.
KEVIN:  It was a real hard decision not to go to Canada,  we do offer discounted tickets and bus packages are available.  I love Canada and I am hoping we can figure it out.. 
VINNIE: As always, we see the lineup to be very diverse. Punk-Rock to Hip-Hop to Metal and beyond, do you feel this is one of the reasons why your festival is an annual success?
KEVIN:  I have always thought that these music communities are very well aligned in many ways, not all and if we could get them all to work together we have a better scene.  I used to work 320 nights a year in clubs listening to all kinds of music but mostly dealing with fans of all genres.. I always thought that they could all hang out together.
VINNIE: One thing I’d like to see for the future of VWT is “The Vinnie Langdon Show Karaoke Stage.” Now hear me out on this… (haha) Technically, it does not have to be a large stage. I’ve had this idea for the past couple of Warped Tours play throughout my head similar to the Acoustic Basement Stage from previous summers. Now picture this, a small set-up of a Karaoke Machine with large speakers. Each Tour stop gets a couple of pre-selected fans that get to come up on “stage” with some of their favorite band members and have the rare dream come true of being able to sing a song with one of their favorite musicians on Warped Tour. Imagine a kid from New Mexico being able to sing a song with Derek of Mayday Parade or someone who dreamt of singing a Bon Jovi song alongside Danny from Asking Alexandria. How cool of an experience right? Who knows maybe someday!
KEVIN:  Lets set it up and test it out on 1 day.. 
VINNIE: I hope you have a wonderful summer Kevin out at Warped! Maybe I’ll run into you at a city or two. Thanks Kevin!

To those who read all the way through this, I highly encourage if you’ve thought about attending Warped Tour in the past go for it you’ll make some of the best memories of your life!

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