Vinnie: We all have talented friends on Social Media who are artists in some way or somehow. Usually we don’t cover Book Authors on The Vinnie Langdon and vinnielangdonshow.com however when one of my Facebook friends posted about her dreams of becoming a publishing book author coming true on one of her status updates, it caught my eye. I reached out to Monique Ruiz from Texas to ask her more about her latest book Something That’s Ours. 
Monique gives my viewers an insight on your background as a Book Author? 
Monique: Well, I am a brand new author. I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember, but it wasn’t until almost two years ago that I decided to do something about getting published. So, Something That’s Ours is my very first book as a published author. 
Vinnie: Where did the inspiration come to writing Something That’s Ours and tell us about the book? 
Monique: Really, it’s just a combination of a few different situations. It isn’t by any means a true story inspired by someone I know. However, I did have several friends with similar life experiences that I combined to make my main character. Marriage, divorce, and parenthood to name a few. So really, many of the people in my life were my inspiration. The book is about an estranged family that encounters tragedy and how they get through it. 
Vinnie: How many Chapters and Pages? 
Monique: 116 pages and 22 chapters.
Vinnie: Before writing do you have a specific genre in mind or do you just go with the flow? 
Monique: I just go with the flow. It’s scary to write without a plan, but I find that if I try to plan, it’ll change anyway. My stories and characters tell me what to do. When I stop being stubborn and listen to them, things run smoothly for me. For the most part. 
Vinnie: During School was English one of your favorite subjects?
Monique: Yes, it was! 
Vinnie: How did the book publishing process start for you? Was it hard finding a publishing company? Or Self-Published? 
Monique: Oh, publishing…well, I researched a couple of options one night, reached out to two of them via email and the next business day I received a call from one of them. I pitched my idea to them and they sent me an informational kit. In the meantime, I continued writing. When I was all done, (and had researched the company further) I reached back out to them and submitted my very raw manuscript. In about five days they accepted it and offered me a contract. Now, it is a self-publishing company which basically means you pay them for their services instead of receiving an advance. They cover editing and everything. It wasn’t the way I saw myself going at first, but it is very difficult to get a publishing company to look at your unsolicited manuscript. I figured it was a great way to get my foot in the door. 
Vinnie: Do you see yourself writing an entire series or just one-off books? 
Monique: Both. 
Vinnie: For those who are interested in writing a book, what words of encouragement would you give them?
Monique: Do it. And when you become discouraged, keep going. Join a critique group. It’s great to have the support of other writers. It’ll give you accountability and strength to keep writing. I have my critique group to thank in part for getting me where I am now. It got hard at times, but when I felt like giving up, they didn’t. They didn’t give up on me. Also, writing is way much more than just writing. It’s a lot, but so rewarding. 
Vinnie: How long did it take you to complete your recent book, weeks, months, years? 
Monique: It took me about five months to write my first book from start to finish. This was to complete a raw manuscript. The publishing process took longer. 
Vinnie: For those interested in picking up the book, where can we find your books and more about you… Facebook? 
Monique: Right now you can find Something That’s Ours on Amazon and Barnes and Noble websites. You can find me on Facebook. 
Thanks Monique and we wish you best of luck with your future as an established book author.
-Vinnie and The Vinnie Langdon Show Crew 

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