Need new music in your life? Listen to The Aces!

Hailing from Utah and signed to Red Bull Records we our introduced to The Aces! This quartet of sisters are a rising artist here on The Vinnie Langdon Show. Growing up the band was introduced to artists like Michael Jackson to Whitney Houston to The Misfits and Hendrix.

One of the sisters Alisa was playing the drums since eight years-old. Cristal was writing original songs since age 10. Since then they never looked back.

The Aces released last year their first single for a song called “Stuck.” And now they have news for ya that their new NEW Single ‘Physical’ so make sure you go take a listen! The track will appear on the band’s debut EP, I Don’t Like Being Honest, which will be released globally on June 23rd via Red Bull Records. Fans can purchase ‘Physical’ everywhere tomorrow.

We wish The Aces best of luck and hopefully we’ll be able to catch them out on the road later this year to promote their album.

To find The Aces catch them on Facebook:

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