Bye Bye ADTR? Yes. It’s True.

“It’s weird. See, it’s funny because we have been doing this for so long. When we started, this shit was not cool. Everyone told us mixing two genres wouldn’t work. Hell, a lot of people still feel that way. We’ve just always played what we wanted to hear, and to be honest people weren’t doing it back then.

We loved pop punk, we loved hardcore bands, and we couldn’t decide what to be. Well… It’s true, were all still figuring out what this band has become and have agreed for a farewell. We understand the anger some fans may have.

I did enjoy this journey watching our listeners grow past in life and expand what they contribute to a music loving society. I couldn’t be more grateful to call these guys friends.” – Jeremy McKinnon

“We’d like to start this off with a thank you.
Thank you to our fans, friends, and family for the last 14 years.

After many ups and downs, good times and bad, it’s time that A Day To Remember comes to an end. There’s no hard feelings or inner turmoil, it’s just time that we all move on to the next chapter of our lives.

We’d also like to say thank you to: The family & friends of the members, Indianola Records, Victory Records, Tom Denney, Skalpa Da Rockah, Bobby Scruggs, numerous amounts of venues and personally our strong fanbase. Without you, this could have never happened.

We’ve launched a discount merch store for those who’ve wanted to pick up something on the last few tours but didn’t have the cash night of, that can be checked out here:


We’ll be playing one last show in our hometown (Ocala, Florida)

We hope you can make it. – A Day To Remember”

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