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(STROUDSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA) – The Die Mother F*cker Die Reunion Tour features the industrial-rock band, DOPE and is a must-see! Sure there are a lot of great concerts across the U.S. going on right now that you are at the pick-and-choose point for your buck, but if you haven’t experienced a DOPE concert, go ahead, it will be worth it. Trust us at The Vinnie Langdon Show. Maybe you’ve already seen DOPE years ago? Go again! This is a spicy lineup! We mean spicy in a good way!

The unique tour lineup hit Stroudsburg, PA on Saturday, October 8th, 2016 at the gorgeous Sherman Theater. There is something about a nice big-open theater in a small quiet Northeastern Pennsylvania town that is magical with good sound and fantastic lighting set up.

Bands: Flaw and Motograter were on the road supporting DOPE on this headlining tour. Local bands from NYC (Kore Rozzik) and Stroudsburg’s own (TwistingLife) were opening up the show.

Starting up the night was Kore Rozzik: With a 80s-like style with some 90’s GNR feels and in your face tempo rock, Kore Rozzik were appreciative and felt ‘great’ to be opening up with DOPE, whom they mentioned they worked with in the past.

Twisting Life were definitely pumped up playing their hometown of Stroudsburg. You could feel it from the first song they took the stage to the final drum symbol vibration.  They mentioned another hometown show coming up hopefully we’ll be able to hear more about that by an upcoming Facebook Post over at Twisting Life on FB.

MotorGrator Live at Sherman Theater.
MotorGrator Live at Sherman Theater.

Motograter put on one hell of a show! This band has great quality for live sound and high energy. Once these guys hit the stage, the night officially felt like it had kicked off. With their bands image of make-up/paint/unique style and sound this was a band we at The Vinnie Langdon Show were talking on the car ride back home. We know for sure that we will be following this band from now on and wouldn’t mind checking them out at a possibly headlining run!

Flaw was right before DOPE but sort of slowed things down and sort of dragged on. Perhaps if they swapped sets with Motograter then it wouldn’t of had been too bad.  Their set was C-Average (if we’re being completely honest.) There were a few shoutouts from the band between songs. One in particular that got the crowds attention by thanking The Men and Women who currently serve or had served in Law Enforcement or the Military. Once Flaw’s set was completed the rooms energy officially felt like you were at a Rock show.

Now the lights were dimmed as the bands’ techs and production crews’ silhouettes were adding final touches for the stage before the moment everyone came to see! The crowd was getting out of their seats and moving to the stage as close and as comfortable as they could. Then a few concert goers tried to begin a big chant for “Dope!” By now, we hear a very familiar Television series theme song opening “Woke Up This Morning” from the band A3/Alabama 3. The song is probably best known for being HBO’s Original drama series ‘The Sopranos.’ Once the song played nearly half way thru, DOPE hit the stage.


Not a huge crowd came out for this Saturday night. Fans and Production crew of the bands said it was unfortunate that this tour date was not promoted as they had hoped for.  DOPE’s performance didn’t seem to mind if there was one person or 1,000 people in the crowd, they still put on one great show.


For our second time seeing DOPE live, walking away after the set was just like walking away the last time: WE WANTED MORE DOPE! The set was a mix up of a few songs-batch from previous albums like NO REGRETS, AMERICAN APATHY, LIFE, and BLOOD MONEY (PART I.) Edsel talked with the crowd before wrapping up the set making them have a better understanding from his point of view how the record labels aren’t what they used to be.


“If you PROMISE to go out… buy our new Record [Blood Money Part I], it will help us out tremendously and I promise that we will come back and play more songs for you guys. That is my promise to each and every single one of you in this place!” 


Seeing this lineup of DOPE which consisted of Edsel Dope, Acey Slade, Virus, and Racci Shay was definitely worth seeing. The way they all performed, shared the stage and played the crowd was totally worth it! You can feel the professionalism from the band and can tell that they love what they do and they love the fans old and new supporting them.

We also got to chat with Edsel before hitting the stage about the Blood Money Part I, his take on music videos, recording the Live Record in Russia and some other fun facts about the bands 20-year history in this interview below:

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