Interview with Switched At Births’ Star Stephanie Nogueras

I recently talked with Stephanie Nogueras who plays Natalie from ABC’s hit television series “Switched At Birth.” She was kind enough to do this interview. Here is the run down.

VINNIE: Hey Stephanie, thanks for taking the time to do this Interview. I am happy to have you as a guest on my show and featured on my website at My viewers may know you perhaps the best for portraying Natalie currently on ABC Family’s “Switched At Birth.” You are an Actress, Model and an activist for the Deaf Community.
Can you tell us how you first started your Acting Career?!

STEPHANIE: I moved to Los Angeles from South Jersey right after I graduated in May 2012. After 6 months my Mgr. (@Deafinit Models) told me ABC Family Casting would be holding auditions for the role of ‘Natalie’ on Switched at Birth. I took a leap of faith to go for it. Among those submitted for the role, I was the only one without any acting experience. But the rest is history! I got the role, never thought that I could act, but it’s been a life changing experience ever since and I’m grateful!

VINNIE: Just went for it? That is great! You were born profoundly deaf and when “Switched At Birth” was announced as a TV Series that revolved around some deaf characters, how did it make you feel?!

STEPHANIE: I was a fan of the show immediately and glad that there was finally a TV series that revolved around the lives of Deaf characters. I’m also happy that the show has impacted the both the Deaf and Hearing Communities in many ways. Because the success of the show has increased Deaf Awareness, more and more hearing people are motivated to learn sign language. Since moving here, I have found Los Angeles to be one of the most deaf friendly cities. It has been easy for me to interact with people without any issues.

VINNIE: Was your character ‘Natalie’ the original role you auditioned for or was it a generic audition for any open character?

STEPHANIE: Yes, I attended the auditions for the role Natalie and landed the role after the 2nd Call back.  I loved the role when I read for it!

Besides “Switched At Birth” you also recently appeared on NBC’s “Grimm.” Tell my viewers what role you played on there and the scene you performed that involved ‘screaming.’

STEPHANIE: “One Night Stand” is the name of the episode on NBC’s “Grimm.”  I played the role of ‘Elly Mahario’ a Deaf naiad (like a mermaid). The show is an American Police Fantasy drama, so When one boy is drowned and another narrowly escapes, two of the detectives investigate reports of an underwater creature. We shot the episode over 12 days with most of my scenes being underwater. Thank God I am a great swimmer. In one scene I morph into a mermaid creature to fight off an attacker who is trying to drown me. As I am grabbed out of the pool, Elly naturally screams during the physical encounter. It was an amazing experience for me! I am so grateful that I had this opportunity. One that I would not have had, if not for the exposure from being on Switched at Birth! You can check out the scene here:

VINNIE: Sounds like a very fun scene to film. When you’re not working on an Acting project, you are also doing modeling work.
Were you always into Fashion, Photography, not being shy on-camera growing up?

STEPHANIE: I have always loved being in front of the camera ever  since I was a little girl. Never shy, always very comfortable in my own skin. I was told early on that I had an ‘old soul’ and in each photo, I always try to tell a story that reaches deep within.

VINNIE: Besides acting/modeling, away from entertainment business, what are your other hobbies or interests?

STEPHANIE: I enjoy Photography, writing quotes/poems, reading books, doing art crafts, traveling, volunteering at an Animal Shelter and creating ASL Music videos.


VINNIE:  You are also involved with charities and you’re an activist for the deaf community. When someone from the deaf community approaches you and says you inspired them to be an actor, how does it make you feel?

STEPHANIE: I am deeply touched when someone tells me that I have inspired them to follow their dreams in modeling and acting. I take being a role model seriously and aim to make a difference in the lives of others, especially within Deaf Community. I am actively engaged in building a charity serving a Deaf School in Puerto Rico.
VINNIE:  On The Season Finale of “Switched At Birth” we saw you signing a song during the Graduation. What was it like to Film that scene?

STEPHANIE: It was truly emotional drawing upon my own bittersweet memories of when I graduated high school and that recall helped me to relate and use in that scene.

VINNIE:  Every Actor has different goals whether it’s to do theatre, appear in music videos, do independent films, star in feature films or appear on sitcoms or TV Series. As an actress what is your ultimate goal or dream role to portray?!

STEPHANIE: My ultimate goal is to star in Feature films and continue working regularly on a TV series. I really enjoy Action and Adventure shows like Grimm, with interesting characters and strong dramatic portrayals.

VINNIE: Are there any upcoming projects you would like my viewers to keep an eye out on?

STEPHANIE: Sure. Please be on look out for my plans to resume my fundraising campaign assisting the needs of the Deaf community in Puerto Rico. An ASL Music Video, a good friend and I will be creating later this month. It will beautiful and inspiring to watch. Oh and of course the Season 4 of SAB begins shooting in October. I hope ‘Natalie’ will continue her storyline and have a greater presence on the show.

VINNIE: Thanks so much for the time and being apart of The Vinnie Langdon Show and wish you best of luck on your future projects Stephanie. If my fans want to know more about you! they can visit your official website and check you out on twitter.


It is my hope as a Deaf Actress & Model to inspire young people around the world, both Deaf and Hearing. Because I am grateful for these gifts and the opportunity to share them with others, it is important to me to give back, empower, and encourage others to never stop believing in yourself or your dreams…because one day they will be heard! Thank You Vinnie for this opportunity! 🙂

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