The Vinnie Langdon Show (2004-2017)

September 2004: In Vacaville, California on its Public Access station, the city was introduced to a 15-year old resident named Vinnie Langdon III who launched ‘THE VINNIE LANGDON SHOW’ to interview local bands, celebrities who would come into town, event coverage highlights and local business owners.

February 2006: Vinnie Langdon launched a YouTube Channel to upload some of his clips from his public access television show. It got a lot of attention from major record labels and publicity organizations for Vinnie’s off-the-cuff interviews with rock bands and multi-camera performances. Vinnie began interviewing featuring touring acts like bands from Plain White Ts, Paramore, Jonas Brothers, The Veronicas, Thrice and more on his show.

July 2007: Nearby Public Access stations were impressed with Vinnie’s notoriety. Other Public Access Stations in Sacramento, Fairfield and Vallejo, California began broadcasting Vinnie’s weekly program broadening Vinnie’s audience range to 501,000 households each week throughout Northern California (Solano, Yolo & Sacramento Counties.)

Summer of 2007: Vinnie got invited to work in press with Vans Warped Tour by interviewing bands backstage at Vans Warped Tour where he made several connections with many indie record labels and tour promoters.

2012: With over 500 half-hour episodes of content ranging from live performances, music videos premiers, red carpet interviews, exclusive documentary-style coverage on events, being a part of the Vans Warped Tour every summer capturing unique artists sharing their ‘rock star’ stories, ‘The Vinnie Langdon Show’ expanded to Manhattan Neighborhood Network on MNN1. With interviews of national touring artists and legendary music acts like Anthrax, Megadeth, Alien Ant Farm, Papa Roach, G-Eazy and many more to list, Vinnie Langdon gained more of a viewer-ship.

2015: “The Vinnie Langdon Show” broadcasted a season (12 episodes) on The Staten Island Community Access Channel, CTV Time Warner Cable’s 34 in Staten Island, NY as well as ECTV in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

2018: 2018 was the final Vans Warped Tour and Vinnie was proud to be apart of it every year since 2007. In the fall of 2018, Vinnie Langdon decided to take a hiatus from producing content on Public Access Stations and focus on personal independent film projects and other video production related gigs. Today he still continues putting content ever so often on his official YouTube Channel which is also called “The Vinnie Langdon Show.”