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A Night Off
A Night Off

A NIGHT OFF (2018) – A Night Off is a short Christian/Comedy film written and directed by Vinnie Langdon III that tells the story of newlyweds who are both very busy individuals. Finally, when Sara and Alex have A Night Off, the way the spend it together is well comical. This short 8 minute flick stars Stephanie Skiro and Tyler Floryan. The unique thing about this picture, is that the entire film only took around five hours to film. The script itself, well took a lot longer than 5 hours to piece together. The script was written around 2015 and Vinnie, finally coughed it up to his friends who helped him put together this project.

THE STORY OF THE DUTCH REFORMED CHURCH – (2017) – A Narrative Ken Burns feel, narrated and produced by Vinnie Langdon III tells the chronological history of the Dutch Reformed Church on Staten Island in New York.

SPEED DATING (2015) – “No I never have done Speed Dating before, however I thought it would be awkward as heck, so why not experience it in a film?” That’s what director, Vinnie Langdon says and experiences in this short comedy film. Recorded in 2 days in Downtown Vacaville, California.

BIG BEAR (2015) – Shot in one hour at Andrews Park in Vacaville, CA during the annual Fiesta Days, although the film takes place at the Texas State Fair, ya’ll! Starring Christopher Robin Priest, Kyle Priest, Adam Serafino and the talented Loni Gunn all gathered for this short comedy flick about, well you guessed it, a carnival BIG BEAR. 

ZAPPER WOMAN (2015) – Zapper Woman tells the story of a town called, The Ville, and it’s crime risen in recent history. A Super-heroine and her side-kick attempt to save the day. This film was made under 48 hours for the Sacramento International 48 Hour Film Festival starring Christine Preston and Lacey Clawson.

MEET AND GREET (2014) – Starring Taylor Meyers and Crystal Swarny in a swooping 15-minute film where two college roommates enter to win a contest to win the chance to have a sleep-over with a celebrity they idolize.

FAIRY BOOTCAMP (2014) – When Fairy Sgt. Badda Bing-Badda Boom is now in charge of the historic Fairy Bootcamp, things well, uh sort of get out of hand. This film was made under 48 hours for the Sacramento International 48 Hour Film Festival (written/directed/produced) by Vinnie Langdon III starring comedian Skip Clark.

FEAR AT CLINTON ROAD (2013) – Co-Starring Taylor Meyers and Vinnie Langdon in a comedy/horror short film inspired by true stories, tells the story of a young college filmmaker who gets a new camcorder, his friend he is visiting are bored and they decide to go test the new camera by going to the tale they hear about to go find out if it’s all true or not in New Jersey.

Other short films Vinnie has produced are:

• Zombies Property (2013)

• Ninja See, Ninja Do (2012)  

• Happiness (2011) 

• Fierce Feelings (2010) 

• Mystery Under Misery (2009)

• Forget The One (2006) 

• Permission (2005) 

• Life Savers (2005)

• Magic Sunglasses (2004)