Staten Island Church Celebrates 338th Year

Saturday December 5th, 2018, The Reformed Church on Staten Island celebrated its 338th Christmas. I spoke with the Elder Warren Mac Kenzie to chat about the fascinating history within the church.

Enjoy this Video I produced about my Family’s Church. I say Family because going back several generations migrating to America, they have attended and served in this place of worship. My Mother was baptized in this church as well as many cousins, and some grandparents even said, “I do” on their special day. From Amsterdam to Staten Island, NY, Dutch Settlers needed a place for their religious freedoms, so why not better than go to America to be able to do so. 338 years later, this church congregation still continues to this day as one of the oldest churches on Staten Island. Sit back, relax, and become educated on one of New York’s coolest state landmarks! Enjoy.

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