Mike Elward – “Dust On The Bottle” Acoustic Performance

Singer/Songwriter Mike Elward from Northeastern, Pennsylvania, sits down and jams an acoustic version of David Lee Murphy’s “Dust on The Bottle” for us here at The Vinnie Langdon Show. You can find Mike on his Facebook Account to follow his upcoming show dates at

All week we will be featuring Mike on our official website so check back every day this week to see more performances from Mike including on Thursday we will release his original song too!

Getting Back Into Skating!

Growing up in Northern California many called me a “rink-rat.” Someone who would always be ice skating during public sessions five days a week training for ice hockey and skating just to get some good exercise. Recently I been trying to get back into skating weekly with a possibility of again someday playing ice hockey.

Before picking up a camera I would play hockey twice a week and skate five days a week in Vacaville, California.

I fell in love with the world’s fastest sport of ice hockey that was caused from a field trip to a local brand new ice rink in 1998.

I was just a second grader who never saw ice before and I assumed it was like one of those movies where the people fall thru the ice on a pond. Little did I know at that time, that there were just layers of water molecules and pipes keeping the ice froze above concrete. Once I knew there was no more than a foot of ice and water below me I started to stride and pursuit playing youth ice hockey for my local hockey organization.

Around mid-2001, I decided to focus on schooling and backed off from playing ice hockey but the passion for the love of the game was always inside me. When I started my television program in 2004, I missed it but I had other things I wanted to try. Now nearly seventeen years have quickly flew by I decided it was time to lace up the skates and get back into it.

Enjoy this little clip. Give it a thumbs up and comment if you want to see more skating videos!