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Bebe Rexha album of the Week!

Bebe Rexha, born in Brooklyn, raised in Staten Island and roaming around Los Angeles the last several years is known for her recent hit songs with artists like G-Easy and Florida Georgia Line but now the spotlight is all on Bebe!

We met Bebe at Vans Warped Tour in 2015 and saw nothing but stardom with her. Bebe has built her career up from taking music classes in school to auditioning for American Idol and being rejected to turning around and writing songs with artists like Eminem, Nick Jonas, Selena Gomez in the past too. Can we also mention that she also was the lead singer of that one band called Black Cards with Pete Wentz, yes that dude from Fall Out Boy.

Now with Bebe’s album “Expectations” that released last week it is no surprise this album is doing well.

With a talented vocal range, captivating lyrics and high quality, Rexha is just getting better and better! We’re proud of her artistry!

Here is her lyric video for ‘I’m a Mess.’:

We are pleased to announce that The Vinnie Langdon Show album of the week goes to Bebe Rexha with ‘Expectations!’

Falling In Reverse – “Losing My Life”

Okay, let’s just start by saying this, This might be the best work from Falling In Reverse we have seen since the bands formation.

Falling In Reverse has released a new video for “Losing My Life!”

We’re bummed the band won’t be out at the Vans Warped Tour near us, however if the band is going to be appearing 6/28 – 7/16 you better go to that inflatable blow up set list and go see them.

Ronnie Radke claims that ” ‘Losing My Life’ is the continuation of where ‘Losing My Mind’ ended.” [It’s] the dichotomies and ironic parallels between self-reflection and the self-destructive nature that we as humans face on a daily basis in modern times. Whether it be constant judgments from our peers, not being good enough, to not knowing who to trust, I’ve come to the realization that we are all the same at our core. Yet, ironically, we project our fears in the form of hate onto each other.”

If you haven’t been up to date with Falling In Reverse, you can also check out Coming Home (Epitaph Records!)

We’re proud of you Falling In Reverse!

STRINGER – “Ghosts” Music Video

Brooklyn, NY’s Stringer have released a video for “Ghosts,” the first single off their upcoming full-length album “My Bad,” which will be released digitally on July 13th via Wiretap Records.

The clip, directed by Chris Elia was shot on the streets of NYC and features cameos from their friends in the So So Glos and others.

A brief synopsis: In the wake of a sustained and soused misadventure, the Stringer crew takes a trip down memory lane and experiences the joys of Chinese food and aromatic hydrocarbons in an industrial park on the South Brooklyn waterfront.

Of the video, singer Max Kagan tells PopMatters, “I was cold, I was wet. My mouth tasted like an ashtray filled with the butts of a thousand cigarettes and yet, on the South Brooklyn waterfront, in an industrial park, I kissed the glorious fish mouth of God and found redemption.”

Small Talks “Quiet Sounds”

Small Talks releases a brand new music video for “Quiet Sounds.” They will be making a few appearances on The final run of this years Vans Warped Tour.  Give them a like at their official Facebook page and tell them The Vinnie Langdon Show sent you.

*Small Talks only
7/20 - Nashville, TN - Cafe Coco
7/21 - Columbus, OH - Big Room Bar
7/22 - Buffalo, NY - Sugar City
7/23 - Westfield, MA - Dracula
7/24 - Boston, MA - O'Brien's
7/25 - West Haven, CT - The Cave
7/26 - Amityville, NY - AMH
7/27 - Brooklyn, NY - Gold Sounds
7/29 - Richmond, VA - Strange Matter
7/30 - Charlotte, NC - Warped Tour*
7/31 - Atlanta, GA - Warped Tour*
8/2 - Jacksonville, FL - Warped Tour*