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Taylor Janzen set to release “Interpersonal”

It’s summer time that means you’re probably thinking what is the next song to be added to your summer time playlist to blare on your bluetooth speaker at your next family BBQ?

Well you probably want to consider Taylor Janzen’s forthcoming EP, “Interpersonal”, which is set to come out on August 10, 2018!

Taylor is just a nineteen year old from up north in a town nearby Winnipeg.

“It’s no secret that the world has finally started to take steps towards viewing mental health in the same light as physical health,” notes Taylor. “But I think society is under the (false) impression that the story of someone’s mental health recovery is finished once the person reaches out for help, when really it’s barely started,” she adds. “The act of seeing a doctor does not immediately cure the sick.”

We look forward to hearing Taylor’s story through her songwriting in her upcoming EP!

Visit Taylor Janzen on soundcloud, twitter and facebook!

Wyoming Valley Air & Car Show 2018

Greater Binghamton Air Show 2018 (Photo Gallery)

Greater Binghamton Air Show Photos + Video


“It’s a bird, it’s a plane… yep that is a plane in the sky a few of them in-fact.” This was the 2018 Greater Binghamton Air Show in Upstate New York.

After attending several Air Shows in the country from Travis Air Force Base to Avoca Airport in Pennsylvania, hey what’s another trip to another air show?

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Meet Pros & iCons!

Many often spit that the music scene in New York is dead? Well that is not true at all especially for the Big Apple’s own PROS & iCONS.

With an impressive resume of sharing multi-stages with acts like Nick Jonas, Sam Smith, Taylor Swift, Meghan Trainer … (just to name a few ;)) this group is one you definitely want to keep both your eyes and ears attention to.

The band was excited to announce last week that they will be making a few appearances at this summers final run of the historic Vans Warped Tour:

July 25th in Mansfield, MA, July 27th at the Darien Center, NY. Then they will be hanging out July 26th in Scranton, July 28th at Jones Beach and July 14th in Jersey too!

Hopefully here at The Vinnie Langdon Show we’ll be meeting the guys in the band at one of their upcoming appearances at the Vans Warped Tour to talk more about their first studio album, ‘iCONIC’ which we should mention is available on iTunes and streamable on Spotify. 

Be sure to follow them on their social media sites which ever your prefer

Congratulation to Brian Boyle at NHL Awards!

All season long Brian Boyle stood out from the New Jersey Devils not only for his team but made an impact on the entire National Hockey League in the 2017-2018 season.

We were touched when we heard that the 33-year old forward was diagnosed with a type of bone marrow cancer, Chronic myeloid leukemia.

Brian was going to be sitting out the season but that wasn’t an option in his mind. He decided to play as many games as he could to help his team go to a 44-29-9 record and carry the red and black team to its first Stanley Cup Playoff chance since 2012.

Tonight at the NHL Awards in Las Vegas, NV, Brian Boyle won the Bill Masterdon award which is awards annually to players who show perseverance, sportsmanship and dedication. 

As a New Jersey Devils fan, I really couldn’t think of anyone else who deserved this award this year. Way to go Boyle!

NHL 19 (EA) releases Trailer (REVIEW)

I’ve been a fan of NHL and video games since early as I can remember. I still have the NHL ’97 disc from Playstation as one of the first NHL games I have ever owned with my childhood chore money with John Vanbiesbrouck on the cover.

With the highly anticipated news that the NHL 19 Official reveal trailer will be released the day of the NHL awards (today, June 20th, 2018) I couldn’t wait to see what was new with the long-going series from EA. So here is the trailer and below that is my opinion and feed back.


First we hear some hip-hop music followed with some dead-serious voice over. It hints that there may be a some sort of BE A PLAYER CAREER story-mode which isn’t really new but maybe it will take a different direction we thought we were getting too with NHL 17 and NHL 18.

Next we see what every Canadien hockey lover knows best, hockey on ponds wearing their best knitted scarfs and beanies.

I would love to see a pond-hockey / outdoor hockey option just to change things up a bit.

In the quickly cut edit of this montage, the trailer reveals Gretzky, so maybe he is a playable character. I loved when they did hockey history in the early NHL 2010s where you could replay historic games. I would love to see this feature.

We see PK Subban highlights a lot in this trailer which PK confirmed via his twitter that he will be on this years game cover.

And finally the release date of yet another September video game release. This September looks like Marvel Entertainments Spider-Man and NHL 19 may be going in my shopping carts.

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E3 Playstation Report

Now you know we cover just music right? WRONG! We love hockey, music, and VIDEO GAMES. Especially when it comes to our PS4 time. Sorry XBOXers!

If you’re into gaming like we our, we like our games as close to realistic as possible. Now I know video games aren’t real but when they’re close to it then they get a thumbs up for us.

Now there’s a few factors I personally look for prior to purchasing a game and then liking it. One is the main single play story mission. Now I don’t want to watch a movie. If I did, I’d turn to a flick at my nearest RedBox or On-Demand on Comcast. I cannot stand those beautiful, stunning graphics that turn into long-ass backstories. Don’t you hate when you can’t skip them too? That’s the ultimate worse. 

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