Podcast #2 – Actor Vinny De Vingo (Interview)

Hello everyone! Here is my NEW Podcast Episode 2! Featuring an interview with Actor Vinny De Vingo. Vinny De Vingo has appeared in such television shows from HBO’s The Sopranos to NBC’s Saturday Night Live. He worked as a stand in for celebrities from Robert De Niro to Dennis Hopper. Listen to his stories from his experiences as a professional Screen Actor in this half-hour podcast! Thanks for being a guest Vinny!

Podcast #1 – About Vinnie

Many of my friends have recently encouraged me to give it a shot at this thing called “Podcasting.” I was always an On-Camera Performer. I do have some experience working in Radio so I thought, hey why not? In my free time in the coming weeks, I will be interviewing some special guests. As we say in show biz, ‘stay tuned!’ I hope you enjoy this new podcast I am producing. Ciao!