About Vinnie Langdon

Vinnie Langdon III is an American Actor, Filmmaker, Photographer, and Radio DJ Host. Langdon grew up in Northern California with a heavy theatre background. He broke into film and television with his own self-titled public access TV series, “The Vinnie Langdon Show” which was broadcasted on 7 public cable access TV stations in New York, California and Pennsylvania from 2004-2015. Vinnie worked on Hollywood Movie Sets like Warner Bros. Contagion and Discovery Channel’s “I Almost Got Away With It” as an actor. In 2010 he won The Actor of the Year award in the Sacramento International Film Festival. He has been credited in over 20 independent films, television shows and other video projects.

Langdon is currently residing on the East Coast working on various film and television show productions. He enjoys photography and producing his own short films. He has worked with Vans Warped Tour, TMZ, American Idol and has worked with over 1,000 touring rock bands. Be sure to keep an eye on Vinnie because you never know where he’ll end up next!

“At 15, he was already producing his own talk show!” – Bryan Cranston, Actor

“Vinnie Langdon asked us good questions. No B***S*** questions. Professional Interviewer.” – Ronnie Radke, Singer of Falling In Reverse

“Fun Guy! Fun Interviewer!” – Hayley Williams of Paramore.

About The Vinnie Langdon Show

In September 2004, The Vinnie Langdon Show launched on Vacaville Community TV Channel 27 in Vacaville, California. Vacaville was introduced to a 14 year-old actor and now television host who interviewed local bands, celebrities and covered community events. A show that has been described by the press as a mixture of MTV’s TRL meets Fuse’s Stevens Untitled Rock Show. A unusual television show that features interviews with emerging musical artists, premieres, live performances and comedy sketches all on one show.

In 2006, The Vinnie Langdon Show also known as The VLS – begun broadcasting on other public access television stations in Sacramento, Fairfield, and Vallejo, California.

With over 150 episodes produced by 2007, The VLS was featured on Stickam.com as “Celebrity Entertainment” Show where The VLS would stream interviews and episode taping from behind the scenes in Vacaville, California with over 10,000 viewers weekly.

The VLS began airing in Manhattan, New York City and Staten Island on their public access hubs in 2012. With over 500 episodes, The VLS continued featuring interviews and live performances from bands like Paramore, Papa Roach, Jonas Brothers, Alien Ant Farm, Anthrax, Megadeth, and over 1,000 musical guests.

In October, 2015, The Vinnie Langdon Show aired “The Best of The Vinnie Langdon Show” on Public access TV station in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

In 2018, The Vinnie Langdon Show discontinued airing the shows on public access television and now continues showcasing artists, interviews, exclusive performances and more on YouTube.com/VinnieLangdonShow and at www.vinnielangdonshow.com.

Vinnie Langdon is currently producing a NEW podcast as of February, 2018 called “Live With Vinnie Show” which is streamed on YouTube.com.