Blind Choice – Music Video Premiere #1

(Northeastern, Pennsylvania) – Meet BLIND CHOICE – Three best friends who YES, sound similar to Green Day’s early days of ‘Longview’ and ‘When I Come Around.’  However this band is more than just a comparison to Green Day.

I attended 97.9x’s ROCK THE BLOCK PARTY at the SBC Brewing Company in Pittston, PA over the summer and that was the first time I had seen this punk-rock trio.

When I see talent, I know it. Some bands either have it or they don’t. Blind Choice does have it in them.

Since meeting this local rising artist this band has accomplished a lot. They have released MENTAL SCARS (their newest release) featuring songs like ‘I Don’t Exist’ and ‘Balance On The Floor.’ The EP was recorded by Engineer Bret Alexander of Dupont, PA. The music is also available for streaming on Spotify.

The band also won the Northeastern Pennsylvania neXt2rock Battle of the Bands based competition, which helped the artist gain respect and deserved notoriety within the region. Ears were even perked up across the country online.

The bands Facebook page continues rising each week and is currently at 1600 LIKES and continues growing daily.

The band recorded two performance-videos at the Electric-City Harley Davidson shop in Dickson City, PA along the Carbondale Highway. It was sort of a last minute ordeal but we’re happy we made it work and help Blind Choice out here at The Vinnie Langdon Show.

These teenagers are very ambitious at making music their full time gig. They know it’s a lot of work and they’re willing to make it work. They play shows from Allentown to New Jersey or wherever they are requested. The band and their crew are always ready to go.

They recently hit Strange Brew Tavern in Allentown for a Halloween Show where the band was even dressed up as Skeletons and a Banana too!

Be sure to share this performance video #1 of #2 from the Electric-City Harley Davidson Shop in Northeastern Pennsylvania and let your friends know BLIND CHOICE is on the rise.

Come back on November 6th to see the release of another song off their MENTAL SCARS EP.

Be sure to go look up BLIND CHOICE on Facebook and give them a LIKE and let them know you caught the videos here at

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