Get your dose of a SENIOR DISCOUNT!

Hey kids! If you’re sick and tired of listening to the same tunes on repeat on Spotify or on your iPod (do you even still use your 2004 iPod?) I got some news for you, time to listen to this band from Providence, RI called SENIOR DISCOUNT!

This band just got signed to Paper + Plastick Records (signed by Vinnie from Less Than Jake) and have a brand new fun album called “The Best Revenge!”

If you were out at Warped in Hartford there is a chance you probably heard of them!

Reasons why you should start listening to SENIOR DISCOUNT:

  1. Because Your Mom will like them too!
  2. Because we told You to!
  3. This is a hard-working band who has shared the stage with acts like Anti-Flag, Sum 41, Less Than Jake, The Ataris and way more!

If you’re more into Pop than Punk, then that’s okay. SENIOR DISCOUNT has a tune called ‘Cindy’ that will be right up your poppin’ alley!

The band knows the importance of being diverse and dabs into other realms of art such as video production. They’ve created short films in the past for promoting shows and their tunes.

Head over to their Official Facebook page to learn more about the band and listen to the new tunes from “The Best Revenge.”

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