Taylor Janzen set to release “Interpersonal”

It’s summer time that means you’re probably thinking what is the next song to be added to your summer time playlist to blare on your bluetooth speaker at your next family BBQ?

Well you probably want to consider Taylor Janzen’s forthcoming EP, “Interpersonal”, which is set to come out on August 10, 2018!

Taylor is just a nineteen year old from up north in a town nearby Winnipeg.

“It’s no secret that the world has finally started to take steps towards viewing mental health in the same light as physical health,” notes Taylor. “But I think society is under the (false) impression that the story of someone’s mental health recovery is finished once the person reaches out for help, when really it’s barely started,” she adds. “The act of seeing a doctor does not immediately cure the sick.”

We look forward to hearing Taylor’s story through her songwriting in her upcoming EP!

Visit Taylor Janzen on soundcloud, twitter and facebook!

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