Falling In Reverse – “Losing My Life”

Okay, let’s just start by saying this, This might be the best work from Falling In Reverse we have seen since the bands formation.

Falling In Reverse has released a new video for “Losing My Life!”

We’re bummed the band won’t be out at the Vans Warped Tour near us, however if the band is going to be appearing 6/28 – 7/16 you better go to that inflatable blow up set list and go see them.

Ronnie Radke claims that ” ‘Losing My Life’ is the continuation of where ‘Losing My Mind’ ended.” [It’s] the dichotomies and ironic parallels between self-reflection and the self-destructive nature that we as humans face on a daily basis in modern times. Whether it be constant judgments from our peers, not being good enough, to not knowing who to trust, I’ve come to the realization that we are all the same at our core. Yet, ironically, we project our fears in the form of hate onto each other.”

If you haven’t been up to date with Falling In Reverse, you can also check out Coming Home (Epitaph Records!)

We’re proud of you Falling In Reverse!

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