Greater Binghamton Air Show Photos + Video


“It’s a bird, it’s a plane… yep that is a plane in the sky a few of them in-fact.” This was the 2018 Greater Binghamton Air Show in Upstate New York.

After attending several Air Shows in the country from Travis Air Force Base to Avoca Airport in Pennsylvania, hey what’s another trip to another air show?

I heard about this Air Show about two weeks ago from an advertisement on Facebook. I asked the family if they wanted to attend. For $12 a person, we were able to score a pre-sale ticketed price per person. Some Air Shows are FREE but $12 wouldn’t hurt knowing that a portion of the proceeds went to non-profit charity according to an Air Show volunteer.

As we arrived first impressions are everything the family & I noticed, where are all the planes? Where are all the vendors? Where’s the U.S. Coast Guard, armored specialized vehicles, etc?

At a first glance after proceeding through the main gate, we seen scattered food vendors and local business vendors by the time the air show gates opened up around 10:00am. We thought at first this is it?

With a printed out program (saving $5.00 for an Air Show program) on the official website of the Air Show, we figured the schedule wasn’t going to go as planned as low visibility as well as the weather warning of severe thunderstorms were threatening the skies. (However from 10:00am until a little after 5:00pm after the final air demonstration, no thunderstorms struck the sky.)

On a positive note: The food vendors were courteous compared to other shows. Super friendly. Inexpensive was a huge plus. $2.00 for a hot dog on the average. Bae Systems was offering FREE waters and FREE sunscreen. I scored a delicious sausage and peppers on a roll for $5.00. You can’t even get a deal like that at a church bazaar!

As far as display planes, a Facebook spectator commented that there were only 5 display aircrafts with an addition of the A-10 Warhog, the Canadian Harvard Aerobatic Team, Vampire Airshows de Havilland DH-115, Scott Francis Airshows MXS, Dougherty Airshows that flew were parked in the distance.

Due to weather conditions it was said that the B-25 Panchito was not going to be in attendance. A volunteer also mentioned several other expected aircrafts didn’t even make the attempt to fly in due to the weather conditions as well.

The original schedule planned was all out of order but we sort of stuck it out and was patient and hoped for clear skies. We waited until about 4:15pm and that’s when the skies cleared up enough for some of the planes to perform.

Many spectators were disappointed and the Air Show stated multiple times on various social media sites that there would be no refunds on the purchased tickets in-advance or day-of show.

Other vendors like LUMA, RAYMOND, the Tuskegee Airmen were happy with the turnouts as it was all about getting out in the public and having a nice day.

Bae Systems were handing out a limited supply of frisbees, where we saw many children enjoying the downtime waiting for the weather to clear up to be playing frisbee.

The highlight of the event was definitely the main attraction of seeing the A-10C THUNDERBOLT II DEMONSTRATION TEAM

In action around 5:00pm.

A fan favorite at this years Air Show was the influential father/daughter team of “Paul Dougherty & Caroline” in their 230 horsepower Christen Eagle!

Christopher Zonio was kind enough to share with us his impressive 1/5 Scale R/C of a Thunderbirds F-16C that really looked like one of the real Thunderbirds jets in the sky.

The staff of the airport and Air Show were friendly. It would be nice to see a LOT more vendors to be added to the event next time around. Of course we will be praying for better weather so the display aircrafts can make it. Like other shows, maybe specialized vehicle restoration groups can get involved. I’m not familiar with Upstate New York so I am unsure if they even exist (God, I hope they do somewhere?) but it would be a nice feature to have some armored tanks, Hummers, or at least one helicopter on-site.

Overall the family & I had a blast at the 2018 Greater Binghamton Air Show and cannot wait for the next one in the future!

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