Meet Pros & iCons!

Many often spit that the music scene in New York is dead? Well that is not true at all especially for the Big Apple’s own PROS & iCONS.

With an impressive resume of sharing multi-stages with acts like Nick Jonas, Sam Smith, Taylor Swift, Meghan Trainer … (just to name a few ;)) this group is one you definitely want to keep both your eyes and ears attention to.

The band was excited to announce last week that they will be making a few appearances at this summers final run of the historic Vans Warped Tour:

July 25th in Mansfield, MA, July 27th at the Darien Center, NY. Then they will be hanging out July 26th in Scranton, July 28th at Jones Beach and July 14th in Jersey too!

Hopefully here at The Vinnie Langdon Show we’ll be meeting the guys in the band at one of their upcoming appearances at the Vans Warped Tour to talk more about their first studio album, ‘iCONIC’ which we should mention is available on iTunes and streamable on Spotify. 

Be sure to follow them on their social media sites which ever your prefer

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