E3 Playstation Report

Now you know we cover just music right? WRONG! We love hockey, music, and VIDEO GAMES. Especially when it comes to our PS4 time. Sorry XBOXers!

If you’re into gaming like we our, we like our games as close to realistic as possible. Now I know video games aren’t real but when they’re close to it then they get a thumbs up for us.

Now there’s a few factors I personally look for prior to purchasing a game and then liking it. One is the main single play story mission. Now I don’t want to watch a movie. If I did, I’d turn to a flick at my nearest RedBox or On-Demand on Comcast. I cannot stand those beautiful, stunning graphics that turn into long-ass backstories. Don’t you hate when you can’t skip them too? That’s the ultimate worse. 

Now… E3 was just last week and we almost didn’t publish this article but I figured hey what the heck, why not? I’m sure some of my viewers are curious to know what games I personally am looking forward to, right?

Let’s jump into the games we are putting on our Amazon Wish List already and the ones we don’t really give rats about.

GAME #1: Just Cause 4! Just Cause 4 had an ad on Steam that was leaked. I’m not a Steam user so I didn’t see it until it came across my mind. “I wonder if they’ll be a Just Cause 4?” Once I did a quick Google search, I realized someone had leaked an ad just a week before the big E3 convention.

I have been a fan of the Just Cause series since its PS3 “Just Cause 2” release. I remember going into a GameStop and seeing the case on the shelf. My Dad grabbed it with its catchy title and flipping to the back of the case seeing how you could use helicopters, tanks and other vehicles in a open-world gameplay. I double checked it and it was marked down to maybe $9.00 USED and I had a Gift card so hey why not. Just grab it. It was one of the best video game decisions I made. After a fun story-play and exploring for months the multiple diverse islands of sand, snowy mountains, and wrecking planes accidentally into the sea, I absolutely loved all the fundamentals of the PS3 game flow.

A few years later Just Cause 3 came out with big hype. But with the story mission feeling cut short and the lack of variety it just was a disappointment. Even my own Father agreed the 2nd one was better. What do you expect it’s just like movies. The 1st or 2nd one are usually okay but once it goes past two or three… then eh… you get your hopes up for better quality.

The graphics had definitely upgraded from PS3 to PS4 obviously but from what I’ve seen from 3 to Just Cause 4 that was showed off at E3, I am not sure I seen enough to determine that there was a MAJOR upgrade to their graphics. From demos and gameplay footage shuffled around YouTube land, I cannot wait to just free roam and complete trophies in Just Cause 4. The fun part of Just Cause 4 is that you can take on whatever mission or go demolish each little village or airport in any direction you want to whenever you want. If you want to beat the game first by destroying every island village or just do the airports first, you can or if you want to save those for the end and do the story missions, you can. You know why? Just beCAUSE? Ha, see what we did there?!

Here is the official trailer for JUST CAUSE 4 which makes us very intrigued with new sandstorms and snow fall and OMG there’s Tornados too! Ah, scary but cool! We cannot wait for December 4th to come quicker now!

Next on our list is the highly anticipated Spider-Man by Marvel Entertainment.

Now… I know my way of New York City from upper Manhattan to lower Manhattan to the Financial District. Now to be able to explore from your couch in a video game with a controller in your hand swinging as Spider-Man? What? How cool! We saw a tease for this over a year ago and were given false release dates all along but now it’s looking like will officially be September 7th, 2018. Ah feels like its so far away.

The lighting engine in the game looked fantastic. I mean when they revealed the new One World Trade Center I thought, I cannot wait to swing up on it as Spidey. Crazy—-cool!

The compact looks identical to Batman games which honestly I didnt’ like but hey, can’t have a 100% perfect game. Like Just Cause 4, I really look forward to putting out the cash to play this on my console.

Here is a demo that they showed at E3 of Marvel’s Spider-Man on Playstation 4:

Now there are other games that caught our eye we would be interested in giving a try also from the new Division 2 which takes place in a futuristic Washington, D.C.

Days Gone has been another title we been anxiously waiting for over a year as well. Assassins Creed Origins was a really fun game to play. One of the best AC Series we’ve played. Now with AC Odyssey we shall see if it can live up the hype where the story takes places this time around in old Europe.

Of course there was a dozen of other PS4 titles that were announced but these are the ones that caught our eyes.

Stay tuned and we’ll possibly blog again about our favorite PS4 games.

– Vinnie   

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