Getting Back Into Skating!

Growing up in Northern California many called me a “rink-rat.” Someone who would always be ice skating during public sessions five days a week training for ice hockey and skating just to get some good exercise. Recently I been trying to get back into skating weekly with a possibility of again someday playing ice hockey.

Before picking up a camera I would play hockey twice a week and skate five days a week in Vacaville, California.

I fell in love with the world’s fastest sport of ice hockey that was caused from a field trip to a local brand new ice rink in 1998.

I was just a second grader who never saw ice before and I assumed it was like one of those movies where the people fall thru the ice on a pond. Little did I know at that time, that there were just layers of water molecules and pipes keeping the ice froze above concrete. Once I knew there was no more than a foot of ice and water below me I started to stride and pursuit playing youth ice hockey for my local hockey organization.

Around mid-2001, I decided to focus on schooling and backed off from playing ice hockey but the passion for the love of the game was always inside me. When I started my television program in 2004, I missed it but I had other things I wanted to try. Now nearly seventeen years have quickly flew by I decided it was time to lace up the skates and get back into it.

Enjoy this little clip. Give it a thumbs up and comment if you want to see more skating videos!

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