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Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I have been taking some down time for myself personally (for the better.) I hope to work on some cool projects for you all very soon! I have been considering getting back into ice hockey. For those of you who knew me for a while probably know I am one of the biggest hockey fans you’ll ever meet. My Sister dragged me back into ice skating with her and I hope to continue the journey to get back into skating and eventually start playing on a hockey team once again.

Prior to picking up my Grandpa’s home-movie camera back when I was thirteen, I was ice skating five days a week and playing on a youth traveling hockey team in the California Bay Area for three and a half years. I absolutely loved it and had the best coach ever, Ernie Hicke.

He was the biggest influence who turned me onto the world’s fastest sport. I was an addict when it came to hockey. You could ask me what Wayne Gretzky’s assists were and I could spit out the answer like that. Ha. I probably couldn’t now adays unless I looked it up on the good ole’ Google, however… I still follow hockey as best as I can. I am rooting for the Vegas Golden Knights in the 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs just because… it would be unique to see a teams first YEAR winning. You have to admit that would be pretty legendary.

I look forward to picking up the camera and interviewing again soon for you guys. Remember I started this television program/YouTube deal when I was fourteen years old. I’m getting old and slowing down but not stopping ;). Tell your friends to Subscribe to my YouTube channel I hope to continue growing my fan base! It really does help!!!

I look forward to the summer and hope to get some traveling in. If I do decide to start playing ice hockey again I am sure there will be some hockey segments added to my video work up on the ‘Tube.’

Besides doing “The Vinnie Langdon Show” … outside of that I will continue filming local videos/commercials/directing music videos/shooting performance videos… doing still photography… recently I been testing the waters with portrait photography and have been enjoying that the past couple of years too. If anyone has any inquiries hit me up!

Life is all about trying new things and that is what my philosophy is on life. If we die tomorrow at least we can say we did this or that (or in reality others can explain on our behalf of what we’ve accomplished.)

Stay tuned and thank you all for the continuous support over the years or if you discovered my video projects recently, thank you nonetheless. As we say in show biz, “Stay tuned…”

Short and Sweet,


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